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ALL ABOUT LAYERS! The key to better image editing begins with understanding how layers work and then applying that understanding to each step in your process and to all the tools that you use in Photoshop. To get the complete, power editing package, attend each of these individual workshops. Together, they will speed up your editing process as well as add efficiency and quicker workflow techniques to your arsenal. Whatever your skill level, these classes will give you all the tools you need to add punch and a professional quality to your images.

Suitable for: The absolute beginner, or anyone who does not fully understand layers.

This 4-hour workshop will be all you need to get started with fundamental image improvement, as well as a leg up to understanding the core capabilities of your editing program.

Topics Include:

Opening an image, Basic Photoshop layout, Working with Layers (order, position, transparency, visibility), Brightness/Contrast slider, and many more!

Colour and Layers

Suitable for: Intermediate to Advanced Photoshop user.

One key element to a great photo is understanding colour. Learning to see it, and then being aware of how to correct and tweak it. This 4-hour workshop targets the heart of colour adjustment and correction to add a vibrant look to your photos and to help that look to follow through to your final output.

Topics Include:

Calibration, Casts, Correction, Saturation and Vibrancy, BW, Sepia, and Colour accents (erasing layer method), ICC Profiles and Colour management for output

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There are many Photoshop classes for beginners to advanced. Please feel free to check them all, and as always contact us if you have any questions!