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Why Omnilargess Bootcamp is the best Digital Camera Class for beginners

Digital cameras may look too complicated, and in fact they are, if you wish to learn the technology of digital imaging. But in almost all cases you just want to learn how to take better photos using your digital camera to its potential.

I have looked into many books and videos and found out that most of them are more confusing than helpful for a beginner.

Omnilargess digital camera Bootcamp is specially developed for beginners. Digital camera Bootcamp is an interactive program. Our content evolves around the new technology and we apply constant changes to the bootcamp contents to cover new improvements of new digital cameras technology. And it is the main reason that Omnilargess Digital Camera Bootcamp is the best Digital camera Class!

Here is a testimony of one of our previous student:
The workshop (Bootcamp) was very well done. Ted is an excellent teacher and was careful to ensure that everyone had answers to their questions. The size of the class of excellent and was a very comfortable group.
The repetition required to better understand our cameras was very beneficial.

Luella Johnsen

What is covered in Digital Camera Bootcamp?

Generally speaking there two main areas in photography, Exposure and Composition. In digital camera bootcamp we cover both topics. In first two sessions you are going to learn your digital camera terminology, layout, and how to navigate the digital camera menu. You also learn how and why you shouldn’t use the Auto exposure mode anymore!

Digital Camera class

Digital Camera class
Learn the limitations of your camera

Then we get into different Exposure Modes (Shutter or Aperture Priority, and Manual). Your instructor will explain each modes in depth and will show the advantage of each mode over the others.

Shutter Priority

Digital Camera class
Entry level DSLR camera can be the best camera for you when you learn how to control it. Image captured by Nikon entry level DSLR by Natalie S. after taking our bootcamp workshop.

Aperture Priority

Digital camera class
You can create awesome photos each and every time when you control the setting on the camera. This photo was taken in Aperture Priority.

Is there a hands on part in this program?

I am very glad that you asked. In each session you are going to exercise the new techniques and your instructor will guide you through the process. You will also get assignments for each session. Digital Camera bootcamp is complete program which includes two field trips as well, one for day time and one for night time photography techniques.

Field trip Photography

Digital Photography Workshop
Reading books and manuals is good but hands on is the best way to learn new skills.
Omnilargess Digital Camera Class
Outdoor field trip is part of our Digital Camera Bootcamp

Do you have more questions?

Digital Camera Bootcamp Fall Program

Check Omnilargess Digital Camera Bootcamp Fall program page and as always feel free to contact us for more details. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for upcoming tutorials and tips.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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