DSLR Photography workshop in Abbotsford, BC

I.C.E. – Digital Photography Workshop Lower Main Land BC

Unleash the Power of your DSLR

Understanding the camera’s settings and functions

In this 4 hour session you will learn the camera’s terminology, settings, uses, and hidden functions of your DSLR.Discover the time-saving shortcuts, easy MENU navigation, different Auto Focusing modes, Metering systems, White Balance, ISO, Etc. The course is developed on easy to understand steps. Tickets are on sale now. Limited seats are available.

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Photo editing Workshop in Abbotsford, BC

Introducing our newest line-up of Photo editing and

Photography workshops beginning this fall and our brand new website!

For many years Omnilargess has offered camera and lighting workshops, as well as the occasional seminar on other digital photography topics. We are excited to launch our F.I.R.E. and I.C.E. programs which allow you to start with the basics and then take your learning even further. Please visit ...

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Tips for Photographers

Here are some useful topics from our earlier Newsletters.  I thought it may help you with some more info. Feel free to conatct me if you have any suggestions.

Ted and Omnilargess Team

Check for the dust on your camera’s sensor

It is a great idea to regularly check for the dust on your camera’s sensor and clean it to save lots of time in post-processing. Do you want to know more? Check our  Continue Reading ?

Nik Software Sharpener Pro Tips

Tips on Nik Software Sharpener Pro 3

Hello Raw shooters,

In June we had lots of fun selecting the right template, colors, contents, and photos for our new website. Believe me, all those choices were not easy! Thanks for all the help and suggestions that we received from our customers. I am very excited to see the new website and will let you know as soon as it goes live.  We look forward to having you check it out and let us ...

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Nik Software Color Efex Pro 3 Part 2

Tutorial on Nik Software Color Efex pro 3 Part II

We had a busy month at Omnilargess with regular work and also some new themes for the near future! I am pleased to announce that Tamara from Beyond Exposure and I are going to have series of Photo Editing workshops in Abbotsford BC. Tamara has been involved in all aspects of photography for more than 13 years. She has worked in and managed photo retail outlets, selling ...

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