How to take better indoor pictures

Do you want to take better indoor pictures?

For taking better indoor photos we need to use a flash. That we all know. But do you know how to use your flash to get the best possible result? Flash Photography Techniques are the main part of our Indoor Flash Photography Workshop on November 8 from 4-8pm.

There are different techniques that will help us to improve the image quality by using the flash. You may say “But all of ...

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Indoor Flash Photography camera settings

Indoor Flash Photography Workshop 

Just in time for your Holiday and winter photography.

Flash photography is totally different from ambient light photography. There are several variables in flash photography that you should apply to achieve the best result. For example:  in flash photography you capture the light in a fraction of a second, therefore shutter speed does not play a big role in your exposure.

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Outdoor Photography report from last year

Images from Fall Color

workshop Part II

Are you interested in Out door Photography, hands on techniques, and capturing better images?

Just sign in for our upcoming Outdoor photography class on October 14. Tickets are selling fast. Book your spot now!

Here you are! More images from our Outdoor photography workshop on October 2, 2011 in Abbotsford! This workshop was lots of fun and I had people from Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack, New west Minister, and Coquitlam. We ...

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