Advanced Exposure Techniques

Advanced Exposure Techniques

and Metering Mode in DSLR Camera!

Do I need an exposure meter to set the right exposure in my DSLR?

This is a question that I am asked in almost all of my workshops! And my answer is:

“For shooting in ambient light, your camera’s built-in light meter does a perfect job.”

How do I unleash the power of my camera’s light meter? Do I need special techniques?

This is a great question to ask! We’ve all ...

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Outdoor Photography Workshop Abbotsford

Abbotsford Outdoor

Photography Workshop

On October 2 I had my Outdoor Fall Color Photography workshop. Here is a short story of what happened! The weather was nice and crisp. It didn’t rain, and we had a little bit of sunshine now and then! After one hour of technical discussion we started to walk around Fish trap creek Park and I share some tips on how to get the best possible images even in an overcast day. After lunch ...

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Outdoor Photography class

DSLR Outdoor Photography Workshop

Hello everybody,

Just a quick reminder that our DSLR Outdoor Photography class is on October 2 from 9AM to 3PM. I am going to cover the camera settings such as exposure, composition, metering mode, creativity setting, Etc. There is only 3 more spots available. If you haven’t registered yet, you can visit Photography Fall Color and sign up now.




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Photoshop & image editing class Fraser Valley

Introducing our newest line-up

of Photo editing and Photography 

workshops For Lower Main Land BC

For many years Omnilargess Services has offered camera and lighting workshops, as well as the occasional seminar on other digital photography topics. We are excited to launch our F.I.R.E. and I.C.E. programs which allow you to start with the basics and then take your learning even further. Please visit our  website to have a ...

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