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ISO Settings Tips

How about ISO Settings?

More tips for successfully utilizing different ISO settings

Part 3

After learning about the ISO, let’s talk about some useful tips for using ISO Settings.

Do not use Auto ISO…

-If you shoot steady subjects (such as landscape, macro, or even portraits.) You want to control the Depth of Field and Dynamic Range of the photo.

-In Flash Photography, especially if you use off-camera flashes.

-If you are going for a long exposure, Auto ISO ...

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Auto ISO

ISO Settings

Part 2

Taking a look at Auto ISO

Auto ISO: what is it and is it useful? 

What is Auto ISO?

Auto ISO was introduced into digital cameras several years ago to help photographers maintain the choice of settings to arrive at a correct exposure. Turning on that feature allows the camera to push the ISO up when it calculates the settings (for shutter speed and aperture) are getting too low for a ...

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Understanding the Histogram

Understanding the Histogram

Histogram can be your best friend in Digital Photography

Do you use and refer to the Histogram in your digital camera or editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom? Understanding the role of the Histogram in digital photography is very important and can help you to make a perfect exposure. Because it is so significant I dedicate one part of our Digital Camera Workshop for Beginners to understanding the Histogram.

Generally speaking the Histogram shows ...

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Beginners Digital Camera Workshop

Beginners Digital Camera workshop 

Our popular Digital Camera workshop for beginners is scheduled for July 15 and there are a few spots still available!  

Do you know almost all digital cameras have some advanced controls to enable you to produce better photos? And yes we cover these controls in our beginners digital camera workshops! Does it sound odd that a beginner’s workshop would explore advanced controls? 

As a matter of fact most of these “advanced settings” are fairly easy ...

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