DSLR Setting

Understanding Auto Focus Modes

Understanding Autofocus Modes in Digital Cameras


Do you know the differences in Auto Focus modes?

Photo Tip Friday May 29, 2015

Did you know that your digital camera has different Autofocus modes?

Do you know how to select the correct autofocus mode for the best results?

Almost all new digital cameras have very sophisticated autofocus system, but you don’t need to know all the technical specifications to benefit from this advanced technology. All you need to know is which the best ...

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Omnilargess Digital Camera classes

Why are Omnilargess Digital Camera Classes unique? 

There are lots of Photography workshops around and I believe they are all good, but Omnilargess Digital Camera classes are unique. We approach Digital Camera Photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom classes a little differently than most. We develop our workshops by listening to our students, researching demands in the market, and continually update our workshop content to keep pace with the fast changing technology of digital cameras and software.

We have received many kind ...

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Digital Camera Bootcamp Photos

Student Photos from Digital Camera Bootcamp workshop

Here at Omnilargess Services we love to see the ways our workshops help students improve their photography skills. This section of the blog is dedicated to students’ photos. We constantly evolve our teaching techniques to meet the fast changes in digital cameras and digital editing techniques to make sure that our students learn the information. In this section of our blog, we’ll be sharing photos submitted by our students as examples of ...

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Abbotsford Night Scene Photography

Night Scene Photography Techniques

Ever tried to do a photo shoot as the sun is setting and the light is beautiful? You can get some pretty great shots! The only problem is that, at this time of day, the light changes roughly every 10 minutes. This means that you have to change many variables which compose your exposure, so that you get a well lit, accurately coloured, and professional-looking shot. If you don’t care about these things, you may ...

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