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Cameras Average Metering Mode

How to Use Cameras Average Metering Mode Almost all new digital cameras have sophisticated metering systems. In this article, I am going to look into the Average Metering Mode. What is Average Metering Mode Camera manufacturers use different names for Average Metering; Nikon calls it "Matrix," Canon names it "Evaluative," Sony calls it "Multi," Etc. …

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Exif file

Checking the EXIF Data

Checking the EXIF Data Previously, I discussed the uses of a Histogram in digital photography. Therefore, it makes sense to start talking about another valuable technique in digital cameras; "Checking the EXIF Data." In the old days, the film photography era, new photographers used to carry a notebook and a pencil around to make notes …

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Understanding Histogram

Understanding the Histogram

Understanding the Histogram Histogram can be your best friend in Digital Photography. Do you use and refer to the Histogram in your digital camera or editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom? Understanding the role of the Histogram in digital photography is very important and can help you make a perfect exposure. Generally speaking, the …

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Camera Settings

Wednesday Photography Tips: PERFECT CAMERA SETTING

Perfect Camera Workshop Leads to Perfect Camera Setting!  Last week, I described using proper shutter speed for creating a perfect camera setting.  For this #WednesdayPhotographyTip, I look into Aperture settings. Perfect Camera Setting: Aperture Setting In photography, we use aperture to control the volume of light and the focusing range. 1- A higher number means …

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