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Beginners Smartphone Photography Class


Take Your Phone Photography To The Next Level On some occasions, our phone is the only "camera" we have available on us and knowing how to capture that unique opportunity is priceless.  . So, I launched a Free Beginners Smartphone Photography Class to share valuable tips on using smartphones to create outstanding images. . What is covered …


Smart phone free photography workshop

Free Photography Workshop

A Free Photography Workshop on Smart Phone Photography Smart Phones are part of our daily lifestyle. We use them for many different tasks, including photography. These days most of the newer smart phones are equipped with relatively good and simple to use cameras. But the key to success is to learn some fundamental rules of …

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Free Smartphone Photography Workshop

Take your Smartphone photography to the next level After posting our Smartphone Photography article last week, we received many questions about know-hows on creating better images using a smartphone. In some occasions Smartphone is the only “camera” we have available on us and knowing how to capture that unique opportunity is priceless. So I decided …

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Cityscape Photography Challenge

Challenge Your Artistic View You’re invited to participate in a Free Seminar by Omnilargess Photography Classes After the success of our first series of free seminars, Omnilargess Photography Classes is hosting another special event open to all photographers. We’re inviting you to bring one image to the event for evaluation and constructive analysis on Wednesday March …

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