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Lifestyle Photography Workshop – The Triangle

Three instructors, three points of view! We’ve got it all covered for you. Come learn the ins and outs of Lifestyle Photography with Ted, Tamara (Beyond Exposure) and Anita (Perfect Moments). We’ll take you through lighting, posing, and interacting with your subjects. We’ll help you choose a great location and deal with the weather challenges that my present themselves. We’ll even help you nail the camera settings you need to get the job done. No more static firing squad photos! Come out and capture some great moments, while adding a little artistic flair of your own!

Fall is a great time to get out and take family photos, amidst the rainbow of colours we have the privilege of seeing, here in the lower mainland of B.C. The theme of this shoot will take advantage of those colours, and perhaps benefit from few colourful models as well. Our aim is to help you get the professional looking shots in a way that looks unscripted and natural. Step up your photography and get out here and shoot! This is our 4th run of this Lifestyle Photography Workshop, and it has been a huge success in the past. You will want to come out and learn how to make all your settings work together to give you the shot you want. If you are trying to get away from the snapshot type image, and learn how to make the available and added light work for you, this is a workshop you won’t want to miss! Register now to reserve your seat!

*Lifestyle Tip*

‘The Triangle’

Ever wonder why placing your subjects in a straight line makes for a pretty boring looking picture? You need something to draw the viewer into the frame. One great way to do this is by placing your subjects in a triangle shape (or other geometric shape.) The triangle is one of the most dynamic posing tools. You can achieve the triangle shape in Lifestyle Photography by placing your subjects at different heights, and then having them interact where you have placed them. When they are busy interacting, you can capture that unique moment, and draw the viewer’s eye directly into the action! This is one way to make a great photo stand out among the rest!


Lifestyle 2


Lifestyle Photography : Fall Colour Edition

Lifestyle Photography is the current craze. Photographs that look like unscripted moments “caught on camera” as though they happened by accident. If you want your pictures to move from the ‘snapshot’ look into professional looking images, you will want to be at this workshop. Past Lifestyle Photography workshops have been a HUGE success, and we have heard a ton of positive feedback from our students; which is why we are bringing it to you once again! Three instructors, everyday models, and tons of tips and ideas to help you succeed. Whether you are having trouble coming up with posing ideas for shoots, finding a great location, lighting, or even just interacting with your subjects, we have solutions for you!

In keeping with the fall atmosphere, we have chosen a “Fall Colour” theme. We will be photographing families and couples at the time of year when family photos are so much in demand for holiday greeting cards and lasting memories. Come learn how to draw that casual look out of a stiff subject, and how to pull a great, natural smile out of a child. Perfect the colour in your images, and find the perfect light to enhance the areas of your subject that you want the viewer to focus on, while hiding the areas that you need to minimize. Get some basic posing and composition advice that will help infuse the WOW factor into your images. Even though Lifestyle photography appears to be candid, it is very much posed. Come see active posing in action, so that you can create the professional portraits that will set you apart from the average camera owner. Find out the lenses that will help you get the job done, and the settings that will allow you to harness the full potential of those lenses and of your camera itself. Finally, get some ideas of accessories that will help you manipulate the light and your surroundings to take your photography to the next level.

 Check out our galleries to see images from our past Lifestyle Photography workshops.

Even if you have taken one of our Lifestyle Photography workshops in the past, you may want to take another, as the locations, models and lighting may pose different challenges than before. Test out your skills from previous workshops, and learn some new ones. We would love to see how you have grown in your craft, and help you move forward even more!

Register Today to save your spot. This one fills up quite fast!

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Lifestyle Photography Here Again!!!

Once again we are pleased to announce our upcoming Lifestyle Photography workshop – Fall Colour Edition. Ted, Tamara, and Anita will be at it again – helping you get a handle on capturing those great moments on camera. This time we’ll be mixing it up with families and individuals, and perhaps even a pet to get those shutters clicking. You will be challenged by metering complexities with models from varying ethnicities, and hopefully some lighting challenges as well, as you enjoy the richness of colours that the outdoors has to offer at this time of year.

Join us as we romp through the fallen leaves and guide you through photographing people in their natural surroundings with a relaxed and free-looking style. No more firing squad posing! Let Anita Chapman, of Perfect Moments Photography, help open your mind with creative, active posing and framing ideas. Then, Tamara, from Beyond Exposure Photography, will make sure your pose is well lit, and composed with style. Attention to detail is the key! All the while, Ted will be there to assist with technical questions and camera specific challenges.

Lifestyle Photography is about moving beyond the snapshot and creating the WOW shot while maintaining a casual and relaxed atmosphere. It is what some refer to as “photo journalistic”: where the photo appears to be capturing a private moment amidst chaos, or the look between people as they interact. As much as this style of photography seems to make the photographer a fly on the wall, it actually requires us to do a lot of guiding, posing, and interacting with our subjects. Come out to learn why and how!

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Registration is limited, and this is one of our most popular classes, so be sure you book your ticket well in advance. This is a class you do not want to miss!

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Tamara and Omnilargess Team

Lifestyle Photography 3: Fall Colour Edition

October 5, 2013 – October 5, 2013

2582 Mt Lehman Road #1

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Lifestyle Photography 3:

Fall Colour Edition

Because of the growing popularity of our Lifestyle Workshops, we couldn’t wait to offer our next one. If you missed the last Lifestyle Family Workshop, now is your chance to jump in on the action! Come join Ted, Tamara, and Anita for another adventure!


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Lifestyle Photography time again

 It is Lifestyle Photography time again! Back by popular demand, our 3 instructor workshop is here and registration is still open for a few short days.

Join our team on Sunday, July 7th, as we help you learn how to pose and light your subject, as well as how to interact with your clients. The heart of lifestyle photography is in the candid look of your photos as well as in the atmosphere you create. The idea is to capture regular people doing regular things, and especially interacting with each other. This does not mean follow your subject around snapping random pictures of whatever they happen to be doing. Much of “lifestyle” photography is posed in a way that makes it look natural. Since the average person is not a model, we have to take a much more hands-on approach when directing and posing them so as to achieve the result we are after. For this workshop we will have actual families for you to photograph, not models, so that you can get real world experience.

  • Learn all about interacting with people, from local photographer Anita Chapman – Perfect Moments Photography. Let her give you some tips and tricks she uses when photographing families. Learn how to deal with men who don’t want to be there, kids who won’t sit still, and clients whose ideas do not provide the ideal photo for you. Families are what Anita does best, so come join her for some posing fun as she helps you figure out the best angle for your shot .
  • Tamara Okoti – Beyond Exposure Photography, will be there to help with composing your photo and will make sure you get your exposure bang on! Since she loves the technical and compositional aspects of a photo, she will help you to see things from a different perspective, and possibly challenge you to think outside the box. Tamara will aim to help you choose the ideal location for your photo, or to work within  the confines of the location you are given.
  • Ted will also be there answering questions and helping with technical challenges as well. He will give you some ideas for lighting your subjects so that you can make them stand out no matter what the day looks like!

Here are some photos from students and instructors in one of our past lifestyle workshops. Don’t miss out on the fun!

This workshop will run rain or shine. Photographers need to work around the weather that is available, so we will give you ideas on how to work in any weather. Bring along your camera with empty cards and batteries charged. Reflectors, ND filters, lens hoods, external flashes, and even tripods may enhance your experience. Registration is limited and filling up quickly, so be sure to secure your spot now – there are only a few days left!

Lifestyle Photography Workshop Lower Mainland BC

Lifestyle Photography Workshop 

Lower Mainland BC 

Have you ever tried to capture professional quality images with a relaxed and natural look and feel, or clients who want to add some personal touches for a more meaningful photograph? Tired of the controlled studio setting and want to capture people in their natural surroundings, doing things that they enjoy? We would love to show you how you can make a photo look natural while still using posing techniques out in the field.

We are pleased to introduce our new class of  Lifestyle Photography Workshop! Featuring three talented instructors who will take you through the portrait session process from beginning to end. We will help you to enter a lifestyle portrait shoot with confidence, knowing you can control the equipment, location, and situations to help create the professional looking image you are aiming for. With three professional perspectives together in one workshop, this is definitely a value packed session!

Set the Exposure

Lifestyle Photography Workshop BC

Are you looking for some practical applications for all the technical camera knowledge that you have? This Lifestyle Photography Workshop will allow some classroom time as well as a majority of hands-on, field experience with everyday models. We will provide you with very useful tips on everything from lighting and camera modes, to posing and interacting with people.

Ever wonder how some photographers seem able to capture those great candid moments on camera, and to make all their clients feel comfortable? Come learn with Anita, from Perfect Moments Photography, as she gives you some great ideas to assist in creating a relaxed environment and finding ways to get past stiffness and fake smiles. She will also offer some tips on how to handle those difficult clients.

Need some help with difficult lighting or get scared when your shoot is at noon on a sunny day or it is raining when you want to take your pictures? Let Tamara, from Beyond Exposure Photography, assist you with suggestions on manipulating the light and achieving the optimum exposure, while Ted, from Omnilargess Services, shows you how to use modifiers to help you control those situations with ease.

Do you want to get past the “firing squad” photo where everyone is in a straight line? Anita, Tamara, and Ted will give you some creative ideas to help tailor your image to your clients and to help use your location and lighting to your advantage for a more interesting shot. We look forward to a great time learning the ins and outs of lifestyle photography with you!


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Lifestyle Photography Workshop Fraser Valley

Lifestyle Photography Workshop Images

Here are some images from our last year Lifestyle Photography Workshop. We had one hour of classroom technical seminar and then went out for hands on real life experiment.

[singlepic id=189 w=640 h=480 float=none]

It was great weather, which continued to change on us and challenge students and instructors alike.

[singlepic id=214 w=640 h=480 float=none]

We were really intrigued by the mix of students that we had on the day; some looking to get into portrait photography as a business, while others were looking to improve their travel and personal family photography. It was a fantastic turnout, and we had a lot of good laughs. In the end, we feel our purposes were fulfilled and each student was able to go away having learned something new, or having gained some inspiration for their lifestyle photography pursuits.

[singlepic id=269 w=640 h=480 float=none]

Have a look at some of the images of the day to see how hands-on things really were. Thanks to the wonderful and patient models who graced us with their presence and allowed us to engage with them a little as we worked to improve on lighting, composition, creativity and interpersonal skills. Now we offer this course again.

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Please feel free to check our image gallery. Stay tuned as more photos will be uploaded shortly. 

Contact Tamara if you wish to have access to our photo gallery in Smug-Mug.


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Lifestyle Photography Workshop Fraser Valley

Lifestyle Photography Class

What is a Lifestyle Photography? I was asked several times about this kind of photography, especially for the last few weeks which we are going to have our first part of Lifestyle Photography Workshop in Abbotsford.

So let’s face it. What does Lifestyle Photography means? How it is different from other styles? And what should you know to create the effects that you are after.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia regarding Lifestyle photography:

“Lifestyle photography is a style of photography which aims to portray real-life situations in a controlled setting. Lighting is bright, airy and natural-looking. There are many commercial applications including magazine editorial and advertising usage.”

This is a very simple yet complete description of Lifestyle Photography. So let me just explain what techniques you need to use. Before getting to this point I just want to mention that the Lifestyle Photography class for July 7th is open for registration and only a few spots are available. So book your ticket fast!

1- The very first rule is “Natural Looking”. It means that your set ups should look Natural, Your subject/s should look comfortable and relaxed, The lighting must be nice and bright to the same level that human’s eyes see the scene, there shouldn’t be any harsh highlights or shadows. So understanding the technical features in your camera is the key for this rule. Ted will help you to find out the hidden functions of your camera and guide you through the technical camera settings.

2- Rule numer 2 is to capture Real-Life Situation. It means how to select the location, the timing, What elements to avoid, what elements to add, how to use natural elements from the scene to enhance the image, etc. Tamara will guide you through this important steps.

3- Not that everybody is comfortable in front of the camera (including myself!). Specially you see this problem a lot when you photograph kids! How can you break the ice and make them relaxed? As a great and successful Pro photographer, Anita will give you some priceless tips to break the ice and capture their pictures with a little taste of their personalities.

Book your ticket today.

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

Ted and Omnilargess Team

Registration for Lifestyle Photography workshop

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