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Lightroom Workshop Fraser Valley

Lightroom Quick Collection

Lightroom Quick collection as an assistant part 2

Lightroom Quick Collections 

Have you ever wanted to work on a project which included several different images from your Lightroom Library and you wondered if there was a way to put them together temporarily for your project?

It happens to me all the time when I am writing an article or preparing materials for my workshops. Here is a simple solution for how to organize (group) photos together temporarily. And the ...

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Lightroom as an Assistant

How you can use Lightroom as an assistant to organize your photos? 

Lightroom has become a very essential part of the workflow process for many photographers, including myself. I cannot imagine managing my photo catalog without Lightroom and I use it every day for my photography needs. In fact, 95-98% of my post-processing work is done in Lightroom and I only occasionally use Photoshop for advanced photo editing / retouching, which not only simplifies my workflow, but also decreases ...

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Lightroom Bootcamp

Learn Lightroom

Lightroom Bootcamp for September 2016

Lightroom is quite simply THE best program for photo editing and management. And to get the most from Lightroom’s powerful capabilities, you need to have a solid understanding of all of Lightroom Tools and Modules. Learn Lightroom is a 4 part program that equips you with concrete fundamental knowledge as we work our way through an established workflow.  This dynamic four session program is suitable for both beginners and more experienced users of ...

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Lightroom Map Module

Lightroom Map Module, Free GPS unit for your Camera!

How to Geotag your images for Free

As a photographer I always use keywords and tagging for my images, two simple steps which makes finding images a breeze. You may have thousands of images in your hard drives and when you want to select some images for your projects, it can be time consuming to find the photos you are looking for. Key words and tagging are very helpful, but what ...

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