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Removing Background in Photoshop

Removing Background in Photoshop by using Layer and Mask

Photoshop Layers and Masks can be used for a wide variety of jobs; the best thing about using Photoshop Layers and Mask is that they are non-destructive adjustments. In this article I am going to discuss “Removing Background in Photoshop”, Using Layers and Mask, and Quick Selection tool.

What does Non-destructive mean?

In simplest terms, whenever you make changes with a photo editing program you change the pixels of the ...

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Create Logo in Photoshop

Create a Logo in Photoshop

A tutorial about using Shape and texts in Layers 

Many people think you need a graphic design software to create a simple Logo for your business or website. This is true if you need to design a very complicated and state of the art vector shape, but many simple and daily use logos or vector shapes can be made in Photoshop. Photoshop has many powerful tools; knowing how to find and use them ...

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New Photoshop Workshop

All About the Layers

A New Photoshop workshop for Beginners to Advanced Users 

Photoshop has many powerful tools for photographers. Layers and Mask are effective and important features in Photoshop because they allow you to retouch your digital images non-destructively. Mastering Layers and Masking will change your Photoshop workflow!


Must have basic computer skills, either Mac or PC. Students are required to bring their own laptops already installed with Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. (Trial versions of Photoshop ...

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