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The Winner is ….

And the Winner is….

Award Announcement for August 31st Seminar

On August 31st  Omnilargess Workshops hosted our second Challenge Your Artistic View, an opportunity for photographers to have one image evaluated and judged by professionals and their peers.  This free workshop was held in our Abbotsford office and we enjoyed a variety of entries and discussion about the merits of each image. I want to thank Jason Brown from Revival Arts Studio for judging the ...

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Omnilargess Free Seminar

Challenge Your Artistic View

You’re invited to participate in a Free Seminar by Omnilargess Photography Classes

On June 22nd 2016 from 7 pm to 8 pm, Omnilargess Photography Classes is hosting a very special event open to all photographers. We’re inviting you to bring one image to the event for evaluation and constructive analysis. In this event Cheryl Wiens ( and Ted will examine the photos, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and select a winner. Seminar participants ...

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Flash Photography Tips 4

Manual Flash Photography

Flash Photography Tip 4

We discussed TTL flash photography in previous articles and in this article I am going to show you the advantages of Manual flash photography.

There are two distinct ways in which flash exposure is controlled – Manual flash or TTL flash. Just Like Manual Exposure, Manual Flash requires more attention to camera and flash settings. When you master these techniques, you will enjoy flash photography even more and be able ...

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Flash Photography Tips 2

Flash Photography Tips

Part 2: TTL Flash Photography

In the previous article I discussed one important aspect of the differences between Flash Photography vs. constant light photography, which is the shutter speed. In this article I am going to talk about TTL vs. Manual Flash Photography.

What is TTL flash?

TTL stands for Through The Lens. With TTL flash, the camera and flash control the flash output (i.e., the power) as you adjust any of the ...

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Digital Camera Workshop

Digital Camera Workshop for beginners

Digital Camera workshop will guide you through the most important technical settings of your camera, and help you get the control you need to get the results you want. Begin improving your images with a few simple tips to get you started, and have fun learning alongside other women who want to get a better handle on the cameras they own.

Suitable for:

The beginner, and the enthusiast photographer.


This digital camera workshop ...

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