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Flash Photography

Why Flash Photography is different?

Yes, in fact Flash photography is very different from constant light photography. Does it mean that you should not try Flash photography? Absolutely not! You should enjoy your photography and when you add Flash photography techniques you will discover more fun and creativity.

I know that there are lots of terminologies in flash photography, that some of the techniques are not easy to understand, that so many photographers think that flash ruins their photos, and ...

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Indoor Flash Photography Techniques

Indoor Flash Photography Techniques workshop

Flash Photography can be more fun when you learn the techniques!

Our Indoor Flash Photography workshop is scheduled for October 29 and 31. 

“I don’t like the effect of flash in my photos. I prefer natural light over flash photography!”

This is a very common response whenever I ask: “Why didn’t you use a flash?”

I also don’t like the harshness of direct flash in photos because shadows are often very deep with areas of hot ...

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Understanding Exposure in Digital Camera

Understanding Exposure in Digital Camera Part 1

Light and Exposure

Photo Tip Friday March 7, 2014

Ambient Light

All artists use raw materials to work with and create a piece of art. For example a painter needs brushes, paints and canvas to make a painting.

Photography as Art

The word photography derives from Greek and means Painting With Light, which is an excellent way of describing what we do. I always use the analogy in my ...

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Slow Synch Flash Photography

Slow Synch Flash Photography

Flash Photography Techniques 

Last week I wrote about Flash Photography High Speed Synch, but creativity in flash photography doesn’t stop there. There are many other features and skills which can take your flash photography knowledge to the next level.

One of the most important features is Slow Synch, when you choose a slower shutter speed and flash to create special effects in your photos. There are several reasons for using slow synch, for ...

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