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Tips on HDR Photo Editing

HDR Photo Editing using Nik Software

Tips on HDR Photo editing

HDR photography and Photo Editing are fun. Have you ever tried them?

I just posted an article about Nik Software HDR Efex Pro. Now you can do HDR in Lightroom and Photoshop but still some third part softwares offer even more power for fine adjustment.

I use Lightroom/Photoshop HDR on regular bases but once in a while I really enjoy the controls that Nik Software HDR Efex pro ...

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Photoshop Colour Accent

Photoshop Colour Accent Effect

Photoshop Colour accent is one of the most popular digital effects. It is very easy to apply and can be used with a variety of photos. In this article I show you how easy it is achieve several different colour accents using layers and masks. One of the main advantages of using layers and masks are that you control how much of the effect you want to apply to a particular part of the image.

If ...

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Replace selective colour in Photoshop

Replace Selective Colour in Photoshop

Have you ever wanted to replace a certain colour in your picture without affecting the other colours? For example you took a photo of your backyard in the middle of summer and you want to make the grass in your picture greener. Or may be you want to know how your living room will look if you changed the paint and want to experiment with different paint colours to match the furniture! In this tutorial ...

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New Photoshop Workshop

All About the Layers

A New Photoshop workshop for Beginners to Advanced Users 

Photoshop has many powerful tools for photographers. Layers and Mask are effective and important features in Photoshop because they allow you to retouch your digital images non-destructively. Mastering Layers and Masking will change your Photoshop workflow!


Must have basic computer skills, either Mac or PC. Students are required to bring their own laptops already installed with Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. (Trial versions of Photoshop ...

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Create Calendar in Photoshop

Create a Calendar in Photoshop

How to create a personalized calendar in Photoshop

Photo Tip Friday October 4, 2014

This tutorial is about how to create a calendar in Photoshop and customize it as a Christmas present for your family members and friends. You can use your own digital photos to create a unique calendar to give family and friends to hang in their home to remember you and enjoy your photos. You can add important dates ...

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