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Raw digital image editing workshop

5 Great Reasons to “Like” our Facebook page

We realize that we have not been very vocal about our Facebook page up until now, seeing as how we are generally busy out there taking pictures and helping others do the same, but we wanted to let you know why we think it’s something you should check out!

So we decided to give you ¬†5 Great Reasons to “Like” our Facebook page


1. We will be posting some

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New Lightroom workshop Fraser Valley

New Lightroom Workshop Fraser Valley Announcement

Welcoming our new instructor; Jonathan Snyder

Since we are in the celebrating mood with Easter upon us, we thought we would take this opportunity to introduce the newest member of our teaching team. Meet Jonathan Snyder of Jonathan Snyder Photography.

Jonathan will be teaching our Adobe Lightroom classes; helping you to organize your workflow and take advantage of the myriad of tools and adjustments available to you within Adobe Lightroom RAW ...

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Raw Image Editing workshop

We are pleased to announce a new workshop for intermediate to advanced photographers who want to enhance creativity and establish an effective workflow for managing and processing their RAW camera files into exhibition quality prints by using Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, Adobe Photoshop, or Nikon Capture NX 2.

Digital Darkroom ~ Getting more form Raw

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