Sport Photography Techniques

10 Tips for better Sport Photography

Sports Photography Tips

10 Simple tips that can help you with Sport Photography

Sports photography or Action photography is all about timing. It’s about reacting. It’s about being in the right place at the right time, and it’s about speed.

Here I am going to share ten basic Sport Photography Tips.

1- Know your Sport

Each sport has predictable and unpredictable moments. By knowing the predictable moments, you increase the chance of capturing the right moment. Before going to ...

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Sport Photography workshop Fraser Valley

Sport Photography Workshop in Fraser Valley BC

You have been introduced to our in-house, Sports Photography expert – Shawn Hamilton from Highmark Adventures – before. Read his post below to get a great tip for Sports Photography and learn a little more about his class.

Introduction to Sports Photography Workshop

The Sports Photography workshop is right around the the corner! Don’t let the “beginners to advanced” wording scare you in the workshop description; ...

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Sport Photography Techniques

Sport Photography Techniques

Quick Tip #3

Continuous Auto-Focus

What is continuous auto-focus you ask?

Simply put it is a focus mode to help you maintain focus an a moving subject.

As a sports shooter you will use this almost all the time. Now this is just a quick overview and we go into it in more depth in our upcoming Sport Photography Techniques workshop.

Most DSLR`s have 3 different focus modes,

1-AF-A(Nikon)AI Focus(Canon),

2-AF-S(Nikon) One Shot(Canon),

3-AF-C(Nikon) AI Servo(Canon).

We talk about all ...

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Last quick tip

One last quick tip from Shawn before the big class tonight!

Introduction to Sports Photography Tip #2

Ok guys and girls, today is our Sports Photography Workshop. With all this beautiful sunshine going on out there this Fall, I know you’re out there shooting your kids doing all kinds of fun stuff.

Here is another quick tip when shooting sports or sports portraits: when shooting, think about your perspective. We see everything all day, every day, at eye level; ...

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Sport Photography workshop

October 21, 2013 – October 21, 2013

2582 Mt Lehman Road #1

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Sport Photography Techniques Workshop

Sport Photography Techniques workshop is all about Action Shots (indoors or outdoors sports). You will learn how to set the camera, meter light, and capture the shot.


This is a beginner to advanced workshop developed for DSLR or Mirrorless cameras.

Guest Speaker:



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