Studio light and set up rental Fraser Valley


Changes in Our Rental Section   I am happy to announce that I started a partnership with Ruckify for our photography rental section.  Ruckify is an online store that works on rentals. They provide straightforward steps for everyone to rent anything from the participated stores. Their online application form is easy to follow, and their customer …


Shooting Still Object Techniques

Shooting Still Object Techniques How to shoot still objects at home. Photo Tip Friday April 25, 2014 So you want to shoot still objects, such as jewelry, art pieces, statues or some other products, and naturally want to make the best possible photos. Do you need special equipment to shoot this project? As a matter …

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Photography Equipment rental list

Photography equipment Rental List An updated List of our rentals We just updated our Photography Equipment Rental list. Please contact us if you have any questions. [simple-retail-menu id=”1″ header=”h1″ desc=”h2″]   [simple-retail-menu id=”2″ header=”h1″ desc=”h2″]   [simple-retail-menu id=”3″ header=”h1″ desc=”h2″]   [simple-retail-menu id=”5″ header=”h1″ desc=”h2″]   Ted and the Omnilargess Team

Photography Equipment Rental Fraser Valley

Photography Equipment Rental Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland Studio Equipment Rental (just to start) As promised we are moving forward with plans to expand our photography services for the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley BC. We’ve received daily inquiries about studio equipment rentals from previous students as well as other interested photographers. With this much …

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