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Shooting Still Object Techniques

Shooting Still Object Techniques

How to shoot still objects at home.

Photo Tip Friday April 25, 2014

So you want to shoot still objects, such as jewelry, art pieces, statues or some other products, and naturally want to make the best possible photos.

Do you need special equipment to shoot this project?
As a matter of fact tools and equipment are there to help us finish our job faster and easier, but more importantly are the techniques. In ...

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Photography Equipment rental list

Photography equipment Rental List

An updated List of our rentals

We just updated our Photography Equipment Rental list. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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Flash Vs Strobe

Flash vs. Strobe

Part 1

Photo Tip Friday, November 29

My apologies for not having a Photo Tip Friday section for the last two weeks. I’ve been kept busy with setting up the rental department as well as with private lessons – but a promise is a promise and so here we go with Photo Tip Friday!

Flash versus strobe – which is better?

This is a popular question among photographers and probably one of the hottest ...

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New Studio Lighting Workshop Fraser Valley

Studio Lighting Workshop

Do you have plans to have your own studio? Are you considering starting a new photography business and not sure about the studio and lighting requirements? Do you think setting up a studio can be difficult and/or expensive? Or perhaps you want to take professional photos of your products and use your own artistic touch for a better result.

These are a few reasons to enroll in our Studio and Lighting classes. We developed this series of ...

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Studio Lighting and Flash photography

Studio Lighting and Flash Photography

During the afternoon segment of our Lifestyle Photography workshop, I realized that Studio Lighting and Flash Photography would make a good topic for our blog posts. After all, photography is all about using light, and is sometimes referred to as painting with light!

Shooting under natural light is totally different from using artificial lights (such as Studio lights or strobes and flashes). Over a series of articles I am ...

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Private Photography Classes for Fraser Valley Have Arrived

Private and small group Photography classes Fraser Valley

Forging ahead with more great news every day, we would like to announce that we are now offering one-on-one and small group, private Photography and Editing classes.

Have you tried to attend a large group class and found it to be either too slow for you or too fast for you?

Do you have specific needs with regards to photography or editing that ...

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