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Tips for pro photographers

Model Photography Workshop March 6

Meet the Model for Model photography Workshop

We just wanted to give you one more bit of information regarding our Model Photography workshop that is coming up quickly on March 6! The first part of the workshop will be giving you all the background knowledge, tips, techniques, and information that you need in order to help you be successful in model photography and high-fashion photography. The second part of the workshop, we have promised, will be very hands-on, and ...

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Lightroom Quick Collection

Lightroom Quick Collections 

Lightroom Techniques for Photographers

Have you ever wanted to work on a project which included several different images from your Lightroom Library and you wondered if there was a way to put them together temporarily for your project?

It happens to me all the time when I am writing an article or preparing materials for my workshops. Here is a simple solution for how to organize (group) photos together temporarily. And the great thing about being ...

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Night Scene Photography Techniques

Night Scene Photography Techniques Workshop

Do you want to capture amazing Night Scene photos?

Photos taken at night have their own captivating aesthetic, and a sense which is quite rewarding: they recover scenes that would otherwise be left for the dark.


Night time photography has a bit of that romantic, mysterious quality; it allows you to capture a single perfect moment rarely exposed before and bring it out for the world to see.


It’s not a simple mission, but we know you ...

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Photoshop tutorials

How to create a digital backdrop in Photoshop Elements or CC

Photo Tip Friday February 21, 2014

We all know how important it is to shoot portraits against a nice backdrop. But we may not always have access to different colours or patterns for backdrops. Thanks to digital capture and editing processes, we can create our very own customized backdrop in Photoshop Elements or CC in no time. For those of you who haven’t yet worked out how ...

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