Vancouver Digital Camera workshop

The Great Camera debate Part 2

The Great Camera Debate Part 2

Cameras with interchangeable lenses

The second category includes all cameras with interchangeable lenses; DSLR and Mirrorless cameras are in this group. Generally speaking the image quality is much better than small cameras, thanks to the overall larger sensor size in these cameras. But rather than grouping by sensor size, I am going to categorize them into three levels or groups based on functionality and complexity of operating systems:

1-Entry level interchangeable ...

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Vancouver Digital Camera Workshop

Vancouver Digital Camera Workshop for Beginners

Understanding settings and functions of digital camera

Do you want to learn about Basic Digital Camera setting?

Working with Digital cameras can be as easy as setting the camera to AUTO mode and letting the camera make the decisions for you, right? No! A camera does not have a brain. It does not know what you want to create or what is your main subject. There are so many ...

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Night Scene Photography Tips

Night Scene Photography Techniques Workshop

Do you want to capture amazing Night Scene photos?

Photos taken at night have their own captivating aesthetic, and a sense which is quite rewarding: they recover scenes that would otherwise be left for the dark.


Night scene photography has a bit of that romantic, mysterious quality; it allows you to capture a single perfect moment rarely exposed before and bring it out for the world to see.


It’s not a simple mission, but we know you love ...

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Digital Camera Workshop

Digital Camera workshop for Beginners

Unleash the power of your digital Camera

Digital Camera workshop for beginners is a two part class and you learn about your camera settings and controls. Each part is three hours with theory and hands on.
In this 6 hour class you will explore the hidden functions of your Digital camera and learn about Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, White Balance, and more. This workshop is primarily intended for photographers using digital SLR cameras, but ...

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