Photoshop and Digital Camera classes

Why are Omnilargess Photoshop and Digital Camera Classes unique? 

There are lots of Photography workshops around and I believe they are all good, but at Omnilargess we approach Digital Camera and Photography, Photoshop classes a little differently than most. We develop our workshops by listening to our students, researching demands in the market, and continually update our workshop content to keep pace with the fast changing technology of digital cameras and software.

We have received many kind letters from our ...

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Lightroom Map Module

Lightroom Map Module, Is it really useful?

How to Geotag your images in Lightroom Map Module

As a photographer I always use keywords and tagging for my images, two simple steps which makes finding images a breeze. You may have thousands of images in your hard drives and when you want to select some images for your projects, it can be time consuming to find the photos you are looking for. Key words and tagging are very helpful, ...

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There are two tools in Lightroom for pushing colour, the first is Saturation, one I think we’re all pretty familiar with, the second is Vibrance.  At first glance these two tools seem pretty similar, but use it a bit and you will see quite a difference in their affect on an image, so what is the difference?


In basic terms, we can think of saturation as how much colour there is in an image.  If an image is completely ...

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Designed for Dad

Designed for Dad 2

Father’s Day is coming up quickly, and we wanted to highlight some classes we know Dad will love!

Keep an eye out for the “Designed for Dad” badge to give you some great ideas.

We also have gift certificates available in any amount, or gift a class tickets if there is a ...

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