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Christmas Photography Cheat Sheet

Previously, I shared quite a few tips on Christmas Photography. As we approach closer to Christmas, I decided to share a cheat sheet for this Holiday season.

We all get so involved in the joy of Christmas that we may forget one or two crucial tips while taking pictures. Therefore, it would be good to print this cheat sheet and follow the recommendations for better holiday pictures.  

Please note that these are the highlights, and for learning more, refer to original articles, HERE and HERE

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Knowing you camera

Christmas Photography Cheat Sheet

  1. The minimum recommended shutter speed is 1/30sec to avoid camera shake or subject blur.
  2. Use the widest open Aperture that your lens offers. The lower the f-Stop, the more excellent image you capture. 
  3. Don’t shy about using higher ISO. New digital cameras can handle high ISO. 
  4. For detailed photos of Christmas decorations, get closer.
  5. When taking pictures of people, use Continuous Drive, and take more than one shot.
  6. Capture the joy of the season by taking funny photos. These playful images make Christmas photography more enjoyable. 
  7. And above all, don’t let the limitations discourage you from taking photos. Use your artistic talent to overwrite the low light or camera’s limitations.
I want to wish you a Mery Christmas and Happy Holidays. Stay safe and stay connected.

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