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Christmas Photography Tips

Wednesday Photography Tips: CHRISTMAS PHOTOGRAPHY TIP

Powerful Tips On Photographing Christmas Party

Christmas is around the corner, and it is the best time to share some Christmas Photography Tips. Most of these tips are about camera settings. I categorized them into different topics to make it easier to remember them. These tips apply to DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. However, some of the Point and Shoot cameras may have, if not all but some of these controls.

Merry Christmas


To Use a Flash, or not? That is the question!

All entry-level cameras come with Popup flashes. These built-in flashes are not good assets unless you use them as a fill light or trigger another flash off-camera.

For indoor photography, these built-in flashes quickly ruin the photos by making the foreground too bright, causing Red-eye, creating harsh shadows and highlights. So if you only have the popup flash, ignore it and do not use it.

If you have an external Flash, These tips are for you.

External Flash

Learn how to set up a studio by using your flash in Flash Photography Workshop
Learn how to set up a studio by using your flash in Flash Photography Workshop


Since external flashes have a larger light source, they create less harsh highlights and shadows. However, you get better results by using the advantage of Bounce-Flash Techniques.



Bouncing Light from the Ceiling

By simply tilting the flash head toward the ceiling, the light bounces from the top and creates a much softer and pleasing effect.


However, it may create shadows under the eyebrows and chin. Most external flashes have a built-in Bounce card. Use this bounce card to redirect some lights and avoid unwanted shadows.  


Bouncing Light from the Walls

You can rotate your flash head to your back, right or left and use a wall to bounce the light. It is a creative use of an external flash.

External Flash Positions

Christmas Photography Tips
There are many different ways to use an external flash.

Do You Want to Learn Flash Photography?

An external flash is a good add-on for creative photographers. In our Portrait Photography Workshop, I cover many new techniques for using an external flash. It is a three-part workshop covering Natural Light and Fill-flash photography techniques, plus a field trip with professional models.

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