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Closeup Photography

Closeup Photography Tip

It is the first tip after a short break. I just came back from a pleasant and relaxing vacation. During one of my trips, I met a photographer who was struggling with Closeup Photography. Therefore, I decided to share some tips on Closeup Photography AKA Macro Photography.

Rule 1: Use a tripod to keep the camera steady. 

Rule 2: Never shot slower than 1/60 sec. A little breeze or movement can make the picture BLURRY!

Rule 3: I would never use the wide-open aperture for closeup photography. In Macro Photography, the Depth Of Field is already very shallow. I use f11 or higher to support an expanded focusing range.

Rule 4: When possible, use a light modifier, such as a flash or a light-disk, to fill the shadows. 

Closeup Photography

Closeup Photography
Macro Photography By Margaret Bouwman

For this #MondayPhotoClue, I picked up a comprehensive article in Closeup Photography.

 Click the link below and select the “Monday Photo Clue” to read more.

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