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Complete Portrait Photography Class

A series of Photography Classes targeting Portrait photography in different aspects 

The complete Portrait Photography Class series will cover various type of portrait photography, such as outdoor portrait, flash portrait, and studio portrait. You can select one, two, or all three workshops as each workshop is somehow different from the others. We suggest to register for all three workshops and take amazing portrait photos under any light condition.

Level of experience:

Intermediate to Advanced class

The Photography Class to start portrait photography

If you want to get involved in portrait photography as a business or hobby, Complete Portrait Photography Class series  are very important to your success.

A complete series of Portrait Photography Class : from Natural Light to Flash and Studio lights

Each portrait photography class has developed carefully and individually to cover everything you need to know for shooting artistic portraits under any kind of light or location conditions.

Each class starts with a two hour classroom session which covers all technical and artistic contents with some examples. In this session we will discuss camera settings and lens focal length for optimum exposure on portrait, Composing female and male posing, interacting with your subject, and many more.

In second part of the class is the practical part of the class where models will be available for you to shoot the portrait and practice the techniques and artistic skills by yourself. Your instructor will be available to answer your questions and makes suggestions on camera settings or composition.

Portrait Photography

Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop
Natural Light Portrait Photography class and how to use a reflector

Natural Light Portrait Photography Class:

Classroom session covers camera settings, exposure modes, metering modes, ISO, White Balance, elements that you need to consider for choosing an outdoor spot, modifying light by using reflectors or other modifiers, female and male posing skills. Field Photography part is all in the field. Your instructor will check your camera settings and will provide the suggestions for you.

Part 1 April 13th, from 6pm to 8:30pm Classroom Session

Part 2 April 14, from 10am to 1pm Practical and Hands on Session

For more information visit Natural Light Portrait Photography Class page.

Natural Light Portraiture

Artistic Photography
Directional light helps creativity

Flash Portrait Photography Class (Outdoor and Indoor techniques)

Flash Photography is completely different from constant light photography. It needs some extra techniques that using flash in portrait photography will be discussed in this workshop.

Part 1 May 11th, from 7pm to 9pm Classroom Session

Part 2 May 12th, from 10am to 1pm Practical Session

For more information visit Flash Portrait Photography Class page.

Flash Portrait Photography

Flash Portrait Photography techniques are the creative part of portraiture photography. Photo credit to Kim Dorion
Flash Portrait Photography techniques are the creative part of portraiture photography. Photo credit to Kim Dorion
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