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The Flexibility of Continuous Autofocus.

Previously, I discussed Single Autofocus and the uses of focusing points. In this article, I discuss the flexibility of Continuous Autofocus mode. Generally speaking, all digital cameras have two different focusing modes, Single and Continuous Autofocus.

Single Autofocus:

In Single Autofocus mode, the camera focuses on a particular subject/distance and locks the focusing. It is suitable for taking photos of static items—for instance, landscape photography.

Continuous Autofocus:

Continuous Autofocus, as the name suggests, means that the camera continuously focuses on the subject. Therefore, if the subject moves, your camera keeps tracking the subject’s distance and keeps it in focus.

However, most recent digital cameras have at least two different continuous autofocus systems.     

As an avid photographer, you should have a good understanding of these modes.

Continuous Autofocus

Autofocus Continuous allows you to pay more attention to your moving subject to take the right composition
Autofocus Continuous allows you to pay more attention to your moving subject to take the right composition

Most Common Continuous Autofocus Modes

In this article, I look into two common Continuous focusing modes. However, there are many more to cover.

Mode One:

Different manufacturers use a different name for this mode, i.e. Canon calls it AI Focus, and Nikon uses Continuous. In this mode, the camera locks the focusing into the focusing point, and if the subject changes the distance, the camera adjusts the focus accordingly. I like to use this mode for moving objects, such as pets or birds.

Mode Two:

Canon calls this mode AI Servo, and Nikon uses Matrix. Although there are few differences in details, your camera tracks down the subject by changing the position of the focusing point in this mode. Your camera can use as many focusing points as you allocate to it. I like to use this mode in Sports Photography.

Continuous Autofocus

Nikon Continuous Autofocus Modes
Nikon Continuous Autofocus Modes. Do you know which one to select?

Continuous Autofocus

Canon Continuous Autofocus modes
Canon Auto focus modes. Do you know which one to select?

Do you want to learn more about different Autofocus modes?

Omnilargess Photography workshops focus on many hidden features in digital cameras, and Autofocus modes are one of the many hidden gems.

I dedicate a good portion of our digital camera workshops to discuss these features.

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