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Decoding Viewfinder Data


Decoding viewfinder data is one of the critical pieces of information in successful photography. Previously, I talked about the Exposure Setting. In this Wednesday Photo Tip, I cover the Autofocus Focusing Points.   

Decoding Autofocus Focusing Points

All digital cameras have more than one focusing point. By default, cameras use the “AUTO AUTOFOCUS,” which means that the camera selects where it should focus.

That can be a disastrous situation. The camera does not know which part of the frame is your focal point.


Assigning Different Focusing Points

By selecting the “SINGLE FOCUS,” you disable the auto autofocus. Therefore, you can force your camera to focus on the area of your choice. This technique is handy for off-centre composition. 

Centre Point Focusing

Decoding viewfinder data
By default, the Focusing point is in the centre

Centre Point Focusing

Decoding Viewfinder data
In "Single Focus" mode, you can move the focusing point around.

To read more and see the pictures, click the link below:

Decoding Viewfinder Data 
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