Autofocus modes in Digital Cameras

Beginners Digital Camera Workshop

Beginners Digital Camera workshop 

Our popular Digital Camera workshop for beginners is scheduled for July 15 and there are a few spots still available!  

Do you know almost all digital cameras have some advanced controls to enable you to produce better photos? And yes we cover these controls in our beginners digital camera workshops! Does it sound odd that a beginner’s workshop would explore advanced controls? 

As a matter of fact most of these “advanced settings” are fairly easy to understand and apply, and can make significant improvements in image quality.

One example is the Metering Mode and how a quick change from Matrix/Evaluated metering to Centre Weighted or Spot metering can improve the exposure for your subject.

Different Metering Modes
Different Metering Modes

You may ask “Where do I find the Metering mode in my camera?” and the answer to this (and more questions) can be found in our Beginners Digital Camera Workshop!

Metering Modes for Nikon shooters and Canon shooters examples

Nikon Metering system Menu
Nikon Metering system Menu
Canon Metering system Menu
Canon Metering system Menu


On the other hand you may say; “I just want to take nice photos of my family and friends.” We will also explore the special features in your camera which help you create better photos of a wide variety of subjects using controls such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Or you may ask: “I want to go into photography very seriously and possibly as a business. Is this class a good starting point for me?” For serious students I suggest our 8 week program  (Digital Camera Bootcamp), but if you cannot make the eight week commitment, then Beginners Digital Camera workshop will give you some good solid basics to understanding your camera and exploring the wonderful world of digital photography.

There are only few spots left for this popular digital photography workshop. This workshop is suitable for all digital cameras with some manual controls and is for all ages and levels in photography. It is a 3 hour classroom session with some practical exercises and a three hour hands on field trip We keep the class size small to allow enough time for interacting with your instructor.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We hope to see you there!

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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