Capturing amazing pictures

Capturing Amazing Pictures

Tips for capturing amazing pictures every time! 

The Great Camera Debate Part 7

In the previous article I discussed the importance of a camera lens over a camera body. In this article we are going to look at the importance of education and skills.

Look at these two photos and try to guess what kind of camera and lens were used to capture each of these photos:

Capturing amazing pictures
What kind of camera and lens were used to take this photo?
capturing amazing pictures
It is difficult to tell what camera and lens were used in this photo, is it not?

Please take a moment after you’ve studied the images and make a note of what type of camera you think took these shots. Most likely your guess will be an inexpensive camera or a smart phone. Let’s continue with two more examples for you to evaluate.  I will reveal the camera identities soon!

What type of camera took these images? As before, make a note of your verdict:

Capturing amazing pictures
An example of good pictures. What camera and lens were used here?
capturing amazing pictures
Another example of a well exposed and composed picture

Are you ready for the reveal? Then here we go:

Capturing amazing pictures
As you can see in this screenshot, shockingly this photo was taken by a pro camera and lens! If the exposure is not correct, the type of camera can not help the image quality
Capturing amazing pictures
Just because the exposure is correct, this photo from a smart phone looks amazing!

Great pictures are the result of good composition and correct exposure, regardless of what equipment you use. Our photography workshops are focused on teaching you important skills for getting good exposures and composition. No matter what kind of camera you use, you can make amazing photos when you learn these fundamentals of photography. Our Digital Camera Bootcamp is an 8 week program which covers all the major topics and prepares you for capturing amazing photos. It includes two field trips (one daytime and one night time photography) where you put all the learning to good use and use your camera in a variety of settings and conditions. Here are some photos and testimonies from our previous Digital Camera Bootcamp participants:

[testimonial]I took the outdoor photography course last weekend and it was a lot of fun. I learned new tricks I never knew before and how to take better pictures. Thank you for an excellent experience and looking forward to joining more classes.[client_name]Caroline Cari[/client_name][/testimonial]

Manual Shooting
In Manual shooting the background can not change the exposure

[testimonial]Great teaching by Ted and thanks Ed for helping out[client_name]Pat Barnum[/client_name][/testimonial]

Capturing amazing pictures
Composition and exposure are the main keys for amazing photos


By the end of the Beginner’s Digital Photography I had a solid understanding of the basic functions of my SLR camera.  It was great to have a live instructor who was able to show me the distinct features of my specific camera and help me troubleshoot when things weren’t quite right.  Ted’s explanations were clear, and the overall experience was a lot of fun!


Capturing amazing pictures
Controlling shutter speed allows you create different effects


The camera is a tool and by itself is not responsible for making great photos. When you learn how to use the tool, in this case the camera, it is you who will make outstanding results. I don’t ignore the importance of proper tools, but I want to make it clear that as a photographer your results will become more consistent the more you learn about your camera and photography in general. Omnilargess Photography Workshop is a good place to expand your knowledge, with classes and private lessons for every level and interest.

That is all for now. Just a quick reminder that we offer Gift Cards for the photographers on your list, so let Santa’s helper know how to find us!

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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