Compact Digital Camera Class Fraser Valley

Compact Digital Camera Class Fraser Valley

So far , we have been concentrating on classes for the photography enthusiast who is using a DSLR or manual capable camera. Now that we have established a number of great classes, we have decided to add a class designed just for Compact Digital Camera users who want to learn about all the settings that are available to them.

Getting the Most From Your Compact digital Camera

Did you know that there are a number of different settings that can give you more control over your little pocket camera?

Don’t let the machines make a default choice for you! Come out and have a little fun while you learn that you can get even better shots when you tell the camera what to do. No need to get into a bigger camera with all kinds of lenses and added complications, if you want to get creative with the digital compact camera you already own, this class is for you!

Limited tickets available so sign up quickly to ensure you get a spot!


Compact cameras have capabilities
Compact cameras have capabilities
Even get some great close-ups

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Tamara and Omnilargess Workshop Team


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