Compact Digital Camera Workshop

January 20, 2014 – January 20, 2014

2582 Mt Lehman Road, #1

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Compact Digital Camera Workshop

Getting the Most From Your Point-and-Shoot

Did you know that there are a number of different settings that can give you more control over your little Point and Shoot camera or pocket camera?

Just need a small and portable camera, and want to stay away from interchangeable lenses?

Have a small camera already, but never learned anything beyond turning the camera on and taking a photo?

This 3 hour Digital Point and Shoot class is for you.


Your instructor will take you through setting up your Point and Shoot camera, and then will move on to settings which allow you to gain more control over your shot. You will discover hidden settings and modes that will help you to improve your photography and gain confidence with your machine.



What to bring:

Digital Camera (compact, mirrorless, or DSLR) Fully charged battery, Memory card(s).

Items that will enhance your experience, but are not required:

mini tripod

Suitable for: The beginner 

Topics Include:

Camera Settings

Scene Modes



White Balance

Metering Modes

*Bonus if there is time – Histograms




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