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Omnilargess Digital Photography Club is one of a kind and our newest service will be open to digital photographers at all levels.  At Omnilargess Services we’re excited about launching such a service in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland BC by offering unique assignments and one-on-one advice and reviews for our club members.

Digital Camera Workshops and bootcamps help you unleash the power of your digital camera
Digital Camera Workshops and bootcamps help you unleash the power of your digital camera

How does the Omnilargess Digital Photography Club work?

After joining the club and upon acceptance you will receive one photography or photo editing assignment each month. Along with the assignment is a 30 minute token for you to meet with one of our instructors to discuss your work and find the answers to your photography or editing challenges. It is like a private session for you and you only!

How will I get the assignments?

Every month club members will receive an email with the assignment for the month and a short description on how to do it. You have the whole month to try out the technique and bring back your final work to be reviewed and critiqued by an instructor.

Are the assignments about photography techniques or the art of photography?

There will be several categories such as Art, Skills, Editing, Presentation, etc. and each month we will explore a new area in the extensive world of photography.

Digital Camera Workshops
Learn the Art of Digital Photography and editing

Are the assignments difficult?

Difficult, no; challenging, yes. Learning new skills requires us to go beyond our comfort zone and try something new.  Assignments will be developed to challenge photographers at different levels, with some assignments being a little more demanding than others. And the advantage of being a member means that any time during the month you can use your token to review and/or get extra guidance on how to do the assignment.

Sounds great! How do I get involved? 

Each month we will have a set number of tokens available for purchase. Please note: there will be a limited quantity of these tokens available each month so be sure to buy your token as soon as you can. After purchase you will receive an email explaining your assignment and have the rest of the month to complete your assignment and meet with the instructor for review.  For ease of scheduling appointments and to give you a clear time frame to follow, the assignments will be held during a calendar month; to illustrate:  July 1 – July 30, August 1 – August 30.  You can join in the fun part way through a month (if space is available) however you will still be required to complete your assignment and the private session within the same month of purchase.

Can I transfer my token to the following month or to another person?

The token is issued for that particular month and person and is not transferable.

What if I need more than one 30 minute session?

As an extra bonus to being a club member you have the option to book additional private sessions at a discount. Please contact us for more info and rates.

Private Photography lessons or Small group classes are available
Private Photography lessons or Small group classes are available

How much is the token?

It is $20 per token per month with no administration or hidden fees. You can purchase tokens through our website or at our office.  We think of it as kind of like “PAY AS YOU GO”!  And we’re sure you’re going to love this unique approach to developing new skills!

Can I purchase an annual membership?

Yes, an annual membership is $180. This smart option saves you money and guarantees you won’t miss out on any of the assignments and exciting opportunities to expand your photography skills.  We also are offering a half year option of six months for $100.

Can I buy a token or annual membership for some one else?

Yes, as long as you purchase the token or annual membership under their name and with their information. Tokens and annual memberships are not transferable.

When the club will start?

We are in the process of making the necessary changes to our website, hardware and software related issues and designing the assignments topics.  We’re optimistic for everything to be ready for your participation by early summer.  In the meantime please add your contact information to our Omnilargess Digital Photography Club list and we will keep you updated with news of the launch of this exclusive membership club.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or suggestions. We love to hear from you.


Omnilargess Digital Photography Club (ODPC)

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