Halloween Photography Tip

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Last week I shared a tip for Halloween Photography. For this #WednesdayPhotoTip, I share another trick to enhance the Halloween theme on your images.


Modify the Exposure

To add more Halloween spirit to the picture, under-expose images by one to one and a half stop. Darker photos have a more spooky effect. 


If you shoot in manual exposure mode, reduce the exposure and under-expose the images.

If shooting in Semi-automatic modes (Shutter Priority or Aperture Priority), use the “Exposure Compensation” to under-expose pictures.

Normal Exposure

Halloween Photography Tip
A normal exposure does not enhance the look of a photo.

Under-exposed Photo

Halloween photography tip
Using the exposure compensation to under-expose the image

Alter the “White Balance”

The White Balance controls the colour rendition in digital cameras.

Therefore, by changing the White Blanace to different presets, you can create different looks on the pictures. You can use “Tungsten Preset” in daylight to add a blue colour cast to the images.

I under-exposed the photo below and used the “Incandescent Light” for the White Balance; the result is a more spooky picture!

Under-Exposed and Modified White Balance

Halloween Photography Tip
By under-exposing and modifying the White Balance, the picture gets more spooky!

Do you want to learn more about Exposure Compensation?

I wrote an article about Exposure Compensation and explained it in detail. To read more, click the link below:

Exposure Compensation Explained

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