Halloween Photography Tips

Halloween Photography Tips And Composition Guides

In the previous post, I shared some Halloween photography tips, mostly about Exposure modes. This article is all about composition. All photography composition rules are flexible, which means you can break them according to your photography style and personal taste. On Halloween, your composition should emphasize the theme. So these Halloween Photography Tips give you some clear guidelines that you can modify them to your style.

Halloween Photography Tips in Composition

Now that you are getting ready for another fun Halloween night, let’s take a moment to explore these simple solutions for taking better pictures.  

Lighting and Composition

Halloween Photography Tips is all about using the light in a different way.
Halloween Photography Tips is all about using the light in a different way.

Get Closer

Like other types of photography, for the best result, get closer to your subjects. Especially if you use a Wide Angle Lens (you can find more information about Lenses in our previous articles Lens Focal Length, Choosing Correct Focal Length, and Deciphering Lens Codes), getting closer to the subject makes distortion that can be an attractive effect.

Lens Focal Length

lens focal length
You can find your lens focal length in different places of your lens

Change the Height

Avoid shooting at eye level. Try shooting at a lower or higher level. If you use a wide-angle lens, the higher or lower level creates some deformities (such as big size head or very long arms or legs), which adds to the Halloween theme.

Find a Creative Angle

Halloween Photography tips
Changing the hight and angle of camera can create interesting changes in photos

Using a Flashlight

Every photographer should carry a Flashlight as part of the camera gear, especially on Halloween night. Use the flashlight to light up part of your subject. Use different directions for the flashlight, especially under the face, to add a more dramatic effect. Shooting at slow shutter speed allows you to capture the light effect that you create with your flashlight.

Using a Flashlight

Halloween Photography Tips
Use a flashlight and slow shutter or high ISO to create Spooky photos

Take pictures with and without the masks

Part of Halloween tradition is wearing costumes. When you take photos of your kids and friends in their costumes, take photos with and without the mask. It is one of the most ignored yet important Halloween photography tips. The reason is when someone looks at those photos; it makes it easy for them to know who was in that cute rabbit costume!

Mask On and Off

Halloween Photography Tips
Wearing mask is part of Halloween tradition, and it provides amazing photography opportunity.

Try Monotone image

Part of the Halloween fun is creating vintage looks. Change some of the photos to Black and White or Sepia tones. I really like strong coloured tones in some of the Halloween pictures. You can make these changes in post-processing or the camera’s settings; you can apply these effects while taking photos.   

That’s all for now. Stay safe and have a wonderful time with your friends and family this Halloween. That is all for now. As always, we love to hear from you. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for Free tutorials and tips.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team  

Monochrome or Colour Tone images

Turn your photos to Monochrome (Black and White) or Sepia for more vintage look.
Turn your photos to Monochrome (Black and White) or Sepia for more vintage look.

Colour Tone images

Adding a Colour Tone makes picture more Spooky.
Adding a Colour Tone makes picture more Spooky.

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