Landscape Photography Workshop Fraser Valley

Landscape Photography Workshop Fraser Valley

As the weather gets better and the daylight hours get longer, we are excited to announce our Outdoor Photography Workshop scheduled for April 27. It is a full day (three hours) hands-on workshop held outside in the field and taking photos.

What will you learn from Outdoor Photography Workshop?

We are going to cover the details for metering modes, White Balance and exposure settings for ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. The class size is small so there will be plenty of opportunity for hands-on practical application and getting all your questions answered.

Will there be a section about composition?

Absolutely! Composition is another main key in Outdoor Photography techniques. You will explore the GOLDEN RULES for landscape composition, as well as how to create dynamic images by using or selectively breaking the rules.

The camera orientation makes a big difference
The camera orientation makes a big difference
Understanding Golden Rules will help you to compose dynamic photos
Understanding Golden Rules will help you to compose dynamic photos

Can these techniques be used for more than landscape images?

Definitely! These rules are all about capturing better photos. As a matter of fact we are going to spend some time photographing ourselves in the great outdoors and learn about the importance of light modifiers such as reflectors.

I’m new to digital photography – is this a good workshop for me?

Although this Outdoor Photography Workshop is developed for beginners to intermediate photographers, I do recommend one of our Digital Camera Workshops for Beginners class for you if you do not know how to use and change the settings in your camera.

Is this Landscape Photography Workshop for DSLRs only?

Absolutely NOT! Digital camera users with full or partial manual controls are welcome to join this class, including DSLR, Mirrorless, or Point and shoot with some manual control. If you want to use a DSLR camera, or need to use a different lens, check out our Rental Department where you can rent them as a package with a workshop at a discounted rental fee. Check our Rentals inventory to find out more.

That is all for now, stay tuned for more upcoming news as winter gives way to spring and check our Blog tomorrow for another Photo Tip Friday!

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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