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Lifestyle Photography Class

What is a Lifestyle Photography? I was asked several times about this kind of photography, especially for the last few weeks which we are going to have our first part of Lifestyle Photography Workshop in Abbotsford.

So let’s face it. What does Lifestyle Photography means? How it is different from other styles? And what should you know to create the effects that you are after.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia regarding Lifestyle photography:

“Lifestyle photography is a style of photography which aims to portray real-life situations in a controlled setting. Lighting is bright, airy and natural-looking. There are many commercial applications including magazine editorial and advertising usage.”

This is a very simple yet complete description of Lifestyle Photography. So let me just explain what techniques you need to use. Before getting to this point I just want to mention that the Lifestyle Photography class for July 7th is open for registration and only a few spots are available. So book your ticket fast!

1- The very first rule is “Natural Looking”. It means that your set ups should look Natural, Your subject/s should look comfortable and relaxed, The lighting must be nice and bright to the same level that human’s eyes see the scene, there shouldn’t be any harsh highlights or shadows. So understanding the technical features in your camera is the key for this rule. Ted will help you to find out the hidden functions of your camera and guide you through the technical camera settings.

2- Rule numer 2 is to capture Real-Life Situation. It means how to select the location, the timing, What elements to avoid, what elements to add, how to use natural elements from the scene to enhance the image, etc. Tamara will guide you through this important steps.

3- Not that everybody is comfortable in front of the camera (including myself!). Specially you see this problem a lot when you photograph kids! How can you break the ice and make them relaxed? As a great and successful Pro photographer, Anita will give you some priceless tips to break the ice and capture their pictures with a little taste of their personalities.

Book your ticket today.

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

Ted and Omnilargess Team

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