Lifestyle Photography Workshop Lower Mainland BC

Lifestyle Photography Workshop 

Lower Mainland BC 

Have you ever tried to capture professional quality images with a relaxed and natural look and feel, or clients who want to add some personal touches for a more meaningful photograph? Tired of the controlled studio setting and want to capture people in their natural surroundings, doing things that they enjoy? We would love to show you how you can make a photo look natural while still using posing techniques out in the field.

We are pleased to introduce our new class of  Lifestyle Photography Workshop! Featuring three talented instructors who will take you through the portrait session process from beginning to end. We will help you to enter a lifestyle portrait shoot with confidence, knowing you can control the equipment, location, and situations to help create the professional looking image you are aiming for. With three professional perspectives together in one workshop, this is definitely a value packed session!

Set the Exposure
Lifestyle Photography Workshop BC

Are you looking for some practical applications for all the technical camera knowledge that you have? This Lifestyle Photography Workshop will allow some classroom time as well as a majority of hands-on, field experience with everyday models. We will provide you with very useful tips on everything from lighting and camera modes, to posing and interacting with people.

Ever wonder how some photographers seem able to capture those great candid moments on camera, and to make all their clients feel comfortable? Come learn with Anita, from Perfect Moments Photography, as she gives you some great ideas to assist in creating a relaxed environment and finding ways to get past stiffness and fake smiles. She will also offer some tips on how to handle those difficult clients.

Need some help with difficult lighting or get scared when your shoot is at noon on a sunny day or it is raining when you want to take your pictures? Let Tamara, from Beyond Exposure Photography, assist you with suggestions on manipulating the light and achieving the optimum exposure, while Ted, from Omnilargess Services, shows you how to use modifiers to help you control those situations with ease.

Do you want to get past the “firing squad” photo where everyone is in a straight line? Anita, Tamara, and Ted will give you some creative ideas to help tailor your image to your clients and to help use your location and lighting to your advantage for a more interesting shot. We look forward to a great time learning the ins and outs of lifestyle photography with you!


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