Lightroom Print Module part 3

Creating Custom Print Package in Lightroom Print Module

Lightroom Print Module Part 3

In previous articles I discussed some common settings in Lightroom Print Module and how to create a simple preset. In this article I am going to talk another useful features in Lightroom Print Module that can benefit pro photographers a lot.

Lightroom Print Module Picture Package

As a pro photographer you want to always impress your clients. Although many people do not print hard copies of their images, everyone loves to look at prints. Here is how easily you can impress your clients by showing them the picture packages you offer by simply using Lightroom Print Module Picture Package. By showing your clients a custom designed Picture Package you may be able to increase your sales as well! Let’s take a look at how to create a custom picture package in Lightroom Print Module, using your creativity and inspiration to come up with new and fresh designs which will separate you from other photographers.

  1. Go to Lightroom Print Module and select Picture Package. Lightroom is loaded with some picture packages, but you can also create your own. In this example I am going to create a Picture Package with one 5×7 and four wallet size images.
Lightroom Print module
Customize the picture package in Lightroom Print Module

2. I selected one of the ready packages and will modify it to my liking.

Lightroom Print module
You can Customize Lightroom Picture package to match your needs

3. Under the Image Settings on the right panel check the Photo Border to add a border to the images. I selected 4 points which matches this image.

Lightroom Print module
Adding border is a nice touch

4. Go to right panel again and under the Page section check the Identity Plate to add text to the image.

Lightroom Print module
You can add a short text on pictures for your clients to remember you.

5. Click on the default text, in the new window type your choice of text, select the font, colour and size of the font.

Lightroom Print module
Or you can write something like “PROOF” to show that it is not the final job

6. Click on “Render on Every Image” to have the text on all photos.

Lightroom Print module
You can the text to the main image or to all of them.

7. Adjust the Opacity and Scale to your liking

Lightroom Print module
Job is done and you created an awesome impression!

That is all there is to it. You can show this picture package to your client and/or give it to them as a gift. People love to receive printed pictures; it shows them how much you care about them.

That is all for now; stay tuned for more hidden gems in Lightroom Print Module. Please check our UPCOMING CLASSES and register for our Lightroom Bootcamp to learn more about how Lightroom can save you lots of time.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team 


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