manual Exposure shooting

Manual Exposure Shooting

Is Manual Exposure Shooting Obsolete?

On Saturday April 2nd we had our first Manual Exposure Shooting workshop of 2016. It was an awesome day to practice all manual settings on our camera. Manual exposure shooting requires some extra skills and when you master these skills, you won’t want to go back to any other settings. This was verified by the end of the workshop with all participants agreeing with me and committed to staying in Manual Exposure shooting mode.

Our next Manual Exposure Shooting Workshop is scheduled for June 18th

Manual exposure shooting
Manual Exposure Shooting allows us to adjust the exposure precisely.

In the middle of our workshop, we came across a group of athletes from Abbotsford Filipino Martial Arts Club and Brando Marasigan (Head Instructor for the group) allowed us to take some photos while they were practicing. Workshop students enjoyed the opportunity to use manual shooting modes in a real life scenario. Here are some photos:

Manual Shooting
Athletes from Abbotsford Flipino Martial Arts group
Manual Exposure shooting
Manual Exposure shooting is very important when you are shooting for a particular result. We had lots of fun capturing the fast moving subjects and controlling the exposure on fly

And here are 2 photos that Ian Lowe took from these amazing athletes:

Manual Exposure shooting
Photo credit to Ian Lowe
Manual exposure shooting
Photo credit to Ian Lowe

What is Manual Exposure Shooting workshop about?

This workshop is specially developed to give you confidence to master using your camera in fully manual settings, covering everything from Manual Exposure to Custom White Balance.

Why are manual exposure and settings important?

Almost all pro photographers use manual settings and the main reason is they have full control over their camera. Cameras, while technologically sophisticated, do not have a brain and it is very easy for the brightness/darkness of background or foreground to push the camera to capture incorrect exposures or White Balance.

What is covered in the Manual Exposure Workshop?

An important part of good photographs is accurate exposure. In the Manual Exposure Workshop you will learn how to use the hidden functions in your camera to make correct exposures each and every time by using different metering modes, ISO, and even White Balance. You will also learn how to use the Histogram to make informed decisions about exposure and be able to fine tweak your photographs right at capture.

How long is the workshop?  

Manual Exposure Shooting workshop is a two part class and is five hours in total

How many students will be in this workshop? 

There are only nine seats available for the Manual Exposure Workshop to maximize learning and provide more one-on-one instruction to all participants.

How do I register for the Manual Exposure Workshop? 

Just go to our UPCOMING CLASSES page and select Manual Exposure Workshop and follow the onscreen instructions to register or visit our office during business hours to sign up for this wonderful class.

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Happy Manual shooting,

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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