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I want to let you know that our one day Digital Camera for Beginners workshop is sold out. If you are looking for another digital camera workshop for beginner to intermediate levels, I encourage you to check out our very popular Digital Camera Bootcamp for beginners. I recently rescheduled the start of this series of workshops to April, which gives you plenty of time to register for these workshops and make plans to join us.

What are the advantages of enrolling in Digital Camera Bootcamp?

Digital Camera Bootcamp for Beginners is an 8 week program. The classroom sessions will be held in our office location every Wednesday night from 6-9pm. This program is packed with practical exercises, hands on learning and two field trips. Each session includes assignments which help you apply the techniques you learn in classroom sessions to real life applications and solidify the process of learning new techniques.

Slow shutter night time photography part of our Digital Camera Bootcamp
Slow shutter night time photography part of our Digital Camera Bootcamp

Our Bootcamp for Beginners also offers two exciting field trips: one is all about understanding exposure and  composition to create a dynamic image; the second outing is the exciting world of Night time Photography and the instructor will walk you through the techniques of getting great night shots.

Night time Photography by Omnilargess Bootcamp students
Night time Photography by Omnilargess Bootcamp students

Why does Bootcamp for Beginners seem a bit expensive?

In reality it is not expensive at all – in fact it is the best value for your money because the cost of $400 is for eight workshops, which comes to only $50 per workshop!  We wanted to offer a practical and affordable commitment to help get you on a good path to better photography.

Is there a promotion or discount for Digital Camera Bootcamp?

Being part of our student group during the Bootcamp you save 15% on rental fees from our rental department. If there is pro lens, camera body, flash, studio light, etc. that you want to try during the Bootcamp course you can rent them and enjoy 15% saving on our reasonable rental fees.

Tickets are selling fast. Register today to secure your spot in Digital Camera Bootcamp for Beginners.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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