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Omnilargess Digital Camera Classes

Why are Omnilargess Digital Camera Classes unique? 

There are lots of Photography workshops around and I believe they are all good, but Omnilargess Digital Camera classes are unique. We approach Digital Camera Photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom classes a little differently than most. We develop our workshops by listening to our students, researching demands in the market, and continually update our workshop content to keep pace with the fast changing technology of digital cameras and software.

Learn how to Shoot and Compose photos like a pro in our Digital Camera classes
Learn how to Shoot and Compose photos like a pro in our Digital Camera classes

We have received many kind letters from our students. These are more than simple “Thank you” letters: many of them have excellent suggestions and we apply those suggestions to our new digital camera classes, Lightroom workshops, and Photoshop courses.

Manual Shooting
Set the exposure in Manual shooting and start looking for your subject and have peace of mind that the foreground or background won’t change the exposure.

You can not learn digital photography just by reading books, watching videos, or listening to instructions. You need to learn these techniques and apply them in real life situations.

This approach to workshops and teaching is what makes our digital camera classes different from others.

Our instructors will walk you through the camera settings and menus, then they show you how, when, and where to use them. Our workshops are a mix of theory and hands-on with an emphasis on the practical aspects of photography. For example a photographer does not need know the accurate colour temperatures of ambient light, but should know how to set the camera to capture more natural looking colour by using the Custom White Balance.

This is why our digital camera classes focus on practical applications and give you the opportunity to use these techniques in a realistic scenario. In this testimony you notice how our simple rule of “Practical Aspects of Digital Camera Technology” helped one of our Digital Camera Class students to not only start her new adventure in photography, but also helped her to get more interested in taking her photography skills to the next level.

[notify_box font_size=”13px” style=”green”]”Ted did a fantastic job teaching all of us beginners. The pace of the class was perfect, good mix of theory and practical hands on application. I am taking better pictures already!  -Sue Iversen[/notify_box]

[notify_box font_size=”13px” style=”green”]”Ted taught the class with knowledge with a sense of humour and patience with questions.
  -Maureen Hanson[/notify_box]

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

Our next Digital Camera Bootcamp for Beginners is scheduled for May, 2016. It is an eight week program with lots of practical and hands on sessions.

Check our Upcoming Classes here.

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