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Most pro photographers shoot in manual mode most of the time, but why?

In this article I am going to cover some important benefits of Manual Shooting. If you haven’t tried manual shooting or have tried it and weren’t quite happy with the results, then I have a good news for you. On April 2 from 10:00am to 5:00 pm I am going to have a field trip photography workshop where I will teach how to shoot in manual and get fabulous images. I strongly recommend this workshop to everyone who wants to take their photography skills to the next level. As of today there are only 2 spots left for this workshop. Register today to secure your place.

What are the different exposure modes?

There are four different exposure modes: Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual.

In Auto mode your camera controls pretty much everything and you don’t have any controls. If you use the Program mode you have some controls over camera settings. We call these modes AUTOMATIC MODES. In Aperture Priority you set the Aperture (F stop) and the camera selects the shutter speed for you, and with Shutter Priority you set the shutter speed and the camera controls the aperture for you. These modes are called SEMI AUTOMATIC.

What are the benefits of shooting Manual?

In automatic or semi automatic modes as the brightness of background or foreground changes, the camera changes the exposure, whereas in Manual mode you select the shutter speed and aperture according to the brightness of your subject, essentially locking the exposure to your desire and the camera cannot change it.

Shooting Manual
Automatic or semi automatic modes can not capture what you visualized of the scene
Shooting Manual
While Shooting Manual you can lock the exposure to capture the image that you visualized

What is one example of a useful application?

Everyone likes silhouette pictures and if you want to capture a beautiful silhouette, you need to use manual exposure mode; set the exposure for the bright background, and you are done!

Manual Shooting
Are you interested in Silhouette photos? You need to learn how to shoot in manual exposure

There are many situations when shooting in manual mode can save you time and create better photos. We will cover these in our Manual Shooting in Field workshop on April 2. That is all for now. Check our Upcoming Classes for our exciting lineup of interactive classes in photography and photo editing.

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