Fast Shutter Speed. Photo by Shawn Hamilton

Sport Photography workshop Fraser Valley

Sport Photography Workshop in Fraser Valley BC

You have been introduced to our in-house, Sports Photography expert – Shawn Hamilton from Highmark Adventures – before. Read his post below to get a great tip for Sports Photography and learn a little more about his class.

Introduction to Sports Photography Workshop

The Sports Photography workshop is right around the the corner! Don’t let the “beginners to advanced” wording scare you in the workshop description; this is an introduction to sports photography. As long as you have some understanding about how your camera works outside of auto mode, then this workshop is for you!

Have you tried taking photos of action, but never been able to freeze the action just right? Have you heard the term ‘panning,’ but have no idea what it is, or why to use it? This class is all about understanding what makes a great sports photo and learning the techniques to create them yourself. We will be talking about gear, camera settings, techniques and more.

This is the next step in your journey to capturing great sports images.

Quick Tip

Did you know that most sports require a minimum shutter speed of 1/1000 to successfully freeze the action?

1/1000  f2.8  ISO125
1/1000 f2.8 ISO125

So the next time you’re out shooting some action, go ahead and put your camera in Tv / S  (Shutter Priority mode), set the shutter to 1/1000, and have a go at it!

Looking forward to meeting you all in my upcoming workshop!

Shawn Hamilton


If you would like more tips like this, as well as a great time venturing into the world of sports through the lens of your camera, register for Shawn’s class now. This type of photography tends to hide in the background because it is hard to break into without knowing the technicalities to get it right. Let Shawn simplify the process in Sports Photography Techniques!

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