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Sport Photography workshop October 21

We are going to have our sport Photography workshop on October 21. This workshop is not just about taking pictures of pro games, it is about understanding how to capture action shots.

Phillip Andrews is one of the renown sport photography and here is what he says about sport photography:

“A lot of photographers shy away from shooting action or sports photography because they say they don’t have the equipment needed to make great action photographs.

In some respects this is true. Great sports photography can take a lot of skill and good equipment to produce, but this shouldn’t be a barrier keeping new photographers, or the occasional action shooter, from trying their hand.

Photography should be an enjoyable and memorable activity and nothing could be more so than spending the afternoon shooting a local village football match, or the kids on the carousel on Brighton beach.

And to capture great images from these activities you will need some of the skills of the sports photographer.

In fact, I believe that shooting action or sports events will help develop a range of skills that might be missed if the photographer avoided the area. Timing, thinking ahead, seeing and working seamlessly with your equipment are all skills that can be learnt while ‘having a go’ at shooting action or sports photography.”

As he mentions sport photography can open your eyes to a new world of photography. On October 21 we are going to have our first Sport Photography workshop. Come and join us to learn these simple yet effective techniques.

Now let’s look at some everyday examples that you can use these new skills.

This image is a good example of not paying attention to your camera settings

Slow shutter speed and bad focusing
Slow shutter speed and bad focusing

In above photo the shutter speed was too slow and focus is in the background not the subject.

In this photo you can see the subject is in focus as well as the shutter speed was fast enough to create a sharp picture:

right focusing technique and shutter speed
right focusing technique and shutter speed

Another important tip in Sport photography is telling the story. In these photos you can see the story of the day;





Register for Sport photography workshop and learn more about your photography gear and skills that will help you capturing amazing photos.

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Ted and Omnilargess Team 

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