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Vancouver Digital Camera exposure

Vancouver Digital Camera Exposure workshop 120

This hands-on workshop is specifically designed to help enthusiastic DSLR photographers understand the technical aspects of Photography, Exposure, and Creative settings on digital cameras, so they can get the most from their digital camera. It is ideal for people with digital SLR or Mirror-less cameras who want to learn which settings to use in a wide range of situations.

Long Exposure
Long Exposure

The workshop is a four-hour session which includes a mix of theory in the classroom and practical instruction. Participants have opportunities for shooting photographs inside the classroom, as well as reviewing and discussing their images with an instructor.

Topics covered include: Understanding photographic terminology, Breaking through the jargon in your camera manual, Getting to know your camera’s controls, settings and menus, Fundamental exposure variables — aperture, shutter speed and ISO, Features and functions unique to digital cameras, White Balance — what it is and why it’s necessary, Putting theory into practice …

Date: February 9 2014 from 12:00pm to 4:00pm

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