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Digital Photography Filters – UV Filter

What does UV Filter do?

Camera store clerks often try to sell extras to their customers and one of the items they always promote is a UV Filter. Are UV Filters important? Does a UV Filter have an effect on image quality? In this article I am going to answer these questions, so let’s jump right in!

What is UV Filter?

UV Filter is a plain piece of glass with anti Ultra Violet coating. The main purpose of a UV filter is to protect the front of the lens. Although many filter manufacturers claim their UV filter can reduce haze and create sharper photos, I haven’t experienced it yet! I have tried many different UV filters and couldn’t see any improvement with haze or sharpness compared to images without a UV filter. For me a UV filter is a good and inexpensive protection for my expensive lenses. I personally prefer no extra glass in front of my lens, but there are times when I take photos in higher risk conditions (such as around pets and children) and a UV filter can be a lens saver! 

Uv Filters, good protection for lens

UV Filter
In worst case scenario, UV Filter gets damaged and it will protect your valuable lens

Are there any differences in filter quality?

UV filters range in price (and quality) from cheap to very expensive. The difference is in glass and coating quality. Reputable manufacturers use high quality glass, rim, and coating. I always suggest the highest quality filters even though they are more expensive. I am not here to promote one brand over the other, but will caution readers to remember that adding another piece of glass in front of your lens means the light has to travel through this glass as well. This makes a good reason to choose high quality optics manufacturers who provide better construction and less distortion to light. And a final suggestion is to always purchase a multi coated filter to reduce the chance of glare and colour cast.

Uv Filters, good protection for lens

UV Filter
Always purchase a high quality UV Filter to avoid colour cast and flare.

Are there any more filters for Digital Photography?

There are many photography filters. I have already discussed Polarizing Filter and in these series of articles I am going to discuss the very popular Filters in Digital Photography. For now let me know if you have any questions about UV filters and Stay tuned for upcoming articles. 

That is all for now. Stay tuned for more articles and useful tips in digital photography. As always we love to hear from you. Send us your questions and commends.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

High quality UV Filters

UV Filter
High quality UV Filter does not have any unwanted effect on your pictures.

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