Lightroom Editing Power

Lightroom Editing Power

Convert Daytime to Nighttime Using Lightroom Editing Power

Editing digital photos is an art. Like other arts, a photographer needs powerful tools to retouch images successfully.

Lightroom has many advanced tools to help photographers achieve the desired result. One of the most essential Lightroom editing power is Masking. Masking allows photographers to apply adjustments to certain parts of an image.

Therefore, to demonstrate the Lightroom Editing Power, I am going to convert a daytime photo to a nighttime image just by using the Lightroom.

Lightroom Editing Power

A few days ago, I was teaching a photography class in the Mill Lake area. As soon as I saw this scene, I knew that it could make a good tutorial for editing in Lightroom.    

Original Photo

Lightroom Editing Power
This is the original photo that I took with my iPhone.

You can see that no interesting point exists in this picture! However, I noticed that the lights were on inside the building. Therefore, I decided to take the image and try Lightroom Editing Power to enhance the photo.

First of all, I imported the image to Lightroom and selected the Radial Filter.

Lightroom Radial Filter

Lightroom Editing Power
Lightroom Radial Filter is part of the Local Adjustment tools

Lightroom Radial Filter allows you to apply adjustments either inside or outside the selected area.

In this example, I used outside the selected area. Then I reduced the exposure to make the outside area darker. Finally, I lowered the colour temperature to make a blue colour cast, which resembles the night scene colour.

Lightroom Radial Filter

Lightroom Editing Power
Adjusting the exposure and Colour Temperature to create a night scene feeling.

Furthermore, it is time to get into Fine Tweaking. I wanted to add rays of light from the windows on to the grass to make the scene more realistic.

From the Radial Filter window Select the Brush from the top of the window, then select the Erase from the bottom of the screen.

Erase part of the adjustment

Lightroom editing power
Fine Tweaking the local adjustment

I adjusted the flow to around 20% for the eraser. Therefore, each stroke of the eraser applied only 20%  off the effect.

Fine Tweaking

Fine tweaking the adjustment tool
Fine tweaking the adjustment tool

That is all there is to it! As a result of Lightroom Editing Power, I could finish the whole editing process with just a few steps. Thanks to Lightroom Masking adjustments, Photographers can speed up their post-processing time.

After Editing

Lightroom Editing Power
This the power of Local Adjustment in Lightroom

Do you want to learn more?

In conclusion, Lightroom is a powerhouse for photographers. Join us for our Lightroom training program on May 16th. It is a three-session workshop that covers everything from start to finish in Lightroom.

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That is all for now. Stay tuned for my next photography Tips. We love to hear from you. Let us know if you have any questions, feel free to send us your questions and we will be more than happy to answer them.

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