Lightroom Radial filter

Lightroom Radial Filter New Technique

A hidden gem in Lightroom Radial Filter 

Lightroom is probably the best program for managing and organizing images. It also has many hidden gems and in this article I am going to look at the usefulness of the LIGHTROOM RADIAL FILTER for selective adjustments.

You may have used the Lightroom Radial Filter to adjust the exposure or add some effects to your photos like in this example:

Lightroom Radial Filter

Lightroom Radial filter
In this picture I used Lightroom Radial Filter to brighten the car.

Using Lightroom Radial Filter to create a shallow depth of field

One of the most used cameras in the world is probably the iPhone (or other smartphones). And the main short comings of all smart phones, as well as point and shoot cameras, is they cannot provide a shallow depth of field to make our main subject more pronounced. In most of the workshops I teach I don’t have time to use my real camera, so I take photos with my iPhone. When I go biking I’d rather travel light and not carry heavy cameras and lenses. These are the times I wish my iPhone could make the background pleasingly blurred. 

Thanks to Lightroom Radial Filter, now I can create a shallow depth of field effect in my images. Here are examples:

Lightroom Radial Filter

Lr Radial Filter setting
Lr Radial Filter setting

Before photo

Lightroom Radial filter
Original photo. I liked to add a shallow depth of field to this photo

After editing

Lightroom radial filte
Using Lightroom Radial Filter I added a pleasing shallow depth of field to this image

Lightroom Radial Filter settings for DOF

Lightroom radial filter
As you can see, by adding a radial filter and reducing the Sharpness to -100% and adjusting the Clarity a shallow depth of field effect is possible.

And here is another example for Radial filter

Original photo

Lightroom radial filter
That is a nice photo, but I know that a little shallow DOF would add more.

Edited picture

Lightroom radial filter
Notice how perfect the image is, just by little tweaking

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