Digital Camera Photography Bootcamp

Digital Camera Photography Bootcamp

This is an 8 session in 5 week (3 hour workshop in each session) course. This group of hands-on workshops is specifically designed to help enthusiastic digital photographers understand the technical aspects of digital photography, exposure, and artistic composition rules so that they can get the most from their digital camera. It is ideal for people with digital SLR or Mirror-less cameras who want to learn which settings are important, and how to adjust them in a wide range of situations.

Session 1:

Introduction to photography, how digital cameras work, digital photography workflow basics, auto focus versus manual focus, digital image optimization

Session 2:

ISO, Understanding camera setting modes and exposure controls, intro to using the Histogram.

Session 3:

Metering methods, reading a Histogram, using manual mode, White Balance.

Session 4:

Creative uses for aperture and shutter, depth of field and motion. Selective focus/shallow depth of field workshop.

Session 5:

Composition guidelines – rule of thirds, texture, color, point of view and seeing in shapes and forms, and Macro Photography guide line.

Session 6:

Photo Field Trip (three hours of outdoor photography with instructor). Practical exercises and refining composition and camera control.

Session 7:

Review field trip images, and Night Scene Photography Guide line.

Session 8:

Photo Field Trip for Night Scene Photography. Please bring your tripod.


Beginner. No previous photography experience required.

Class size:

Maximum 9 participants.

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Summer Photography Class Bootcamp Program starts May 16th, 2018

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Fall Photography Class Bootcamp Program starts September 12th, 2018

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We have received many testimonials from students who have successfully completed one of our Photography Courses. Here are few examples.

  • Education Leads to Success

    Maria Killam

    I have had my DSLR Camera for over 2 years and had no idea how to use it. As a colour expert, decorator and design blogger, it's so important for me to have pretty images on my blog. I had tried many times to take photos that included a window but my automatic functions (auto settings in camera) would not allow it. That one day when I learned how to turn an image from dark and bleak to a light filled space was worth the entire price of the course. Your patience and sense of humour with a bunch of novices in the class was great! Thanks again for a great boot camp! I look forward to learning more from you! Thank you so much!
    Maria Killam, Colour Expert and Design Blogger,

  • Debby Evoy

    Great class (Digital Camera Bootcamp), learned a lot

    I enjoyed the class. I learned so much about my camera and how to use it. Ted did an awesome job and I felt comfortable asking questions. He is very helpful. I will recommend this class to all my friends.

  • Christine Doel

    Hi Ted, How are you? I hope all is well. I know we have not seen each other in awhile. If you remember, I just had my son and was expecting my daughter! Both are doing great. I thought I should catch up and let you know how my photography is going. First off, I would like to say thank you. Your classes truly helped me get to where I want to be. As of last October I decided to take it further by opening my doors to family and friends. I have a small home studio that I have started to do newborn photography and just started to shoot Family Outdoor sessions (I never imagined I would be doing that). I have continued to educate myself with editing and some online courses but I'm always finding that you have given me knowledge that sets me ahead of the class. I will always appreciate the time and effort you took to help me learn from scratch. Please take a look at some of my work, or on Instagram. I still have a long way to go but am excited to show you what you have taught me. Thank you again!

  • Krystal Creelman

    Ted's an amazing teacher. He answered our questions with such passion and clarity, it got the whole class excited and eager to learn more. Thanks Ted for giving me the confidence I needed to put my creative ideas into 'focus'. Even though class is done, I now reserve every Wednesday for photography. I've already signed up for another class and look forward to taking more in the near future. Cheese, Krystal

  • Nathan Veenstra

    Ted's passion for photography is only surpassed by his willingness to teach others the theory and techniques to capture the images you always dreamed of. He takes time to review your photo's and shows you what makes the photo pleasing to look at or what could be done to improve the photo next time. I would highly recommend Ted's classes to anyone seeking to understand how all the features of their camera works together and provide you with the techniques to take well composed photo's. Thanks Ted for giving me a foundation upon which to build.

  • Donna George

    Hi Ted, I just want to thank you for all the wonderful teaching, constructive criticism and guidance that I received in your classes. You've helped me to be a more confident photographer. I entered my first photo in Mission....and I won. I would have never had the confidence to do that before, thank you for giving me what I needed to pursue my dreams. Thank you so much..Donna

  • Sue Iverson

    I had taken a basic one day class with Ted back in the spring and learned so much about my camera in that class that I could hardly wait to take the Photography Boot Camp course this fall. Ted is a great instructor, he balances in class instruction with hands on practice of the concepts he teaches. I look forward to taking more classes/workshops with Omnilargess in the future.

  • Manual Shooting

    Caroline Cari

    I took the outdoor photography course last weekend and it was a lot of fun. I learned new tricks I never knew before and how to take better pictures. Thank you for an excellent experience and looking forward to joining more classes.

  • Alice Campbell

    Ted is an excellent instructor. Any question is not too small to have answered. I love the new ideas we were given to use in future photo shoots.

  • Ashleigh Graham

    Thanks for the course! I learned a lot about manual mode and how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO affect one another.`{`client_name`}`

  • Natalie Stephenson

    I actually took Ted's photography Bootcamp program because I bought my son a digital camera for his birthday and he asked if I would take the class with him. I intended on sharing my son's camera with him for the program, but after the first class I ran right out and bought my own camera. I knew NOTHING about how to work this camera, other than how to turn it on. Ted was a fantastic teacher! By the end of the program I was feeling like a professional. I highly recommend this photography Bootcamp to anyone that owns a digital camera and would like to know what all the fancy buttons are about. You may even get hooked like me! I look forward to taking many more of Ted's classes at Omnilargess. Thank you so much Ted!

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Digital Camera Photography Bootcamp

Shoot like a pro in 8 weeks